The multitude and magnitude of challenges together with uncertainty about future developments make it necessary to use better solutions for societal challenges than before. Adaelta proposes to tackle challenges as much as possible via the principles of Building with Nature.

Building with Nature is:

  • A process to create Nature Based Solutions
  • A multi sector approach (public and private sector, knowledge institutes, NGO’s)
  • Co-creation by technical, ecological and social disciplines
  • Based on understanding of the system on a landscape scale
  • An inclusive approach working with communities

Building with Nature was originally designed by Ronald Waterman in The Netherlands and further developed by EcoShape in the innovation program Building with Nature. Nature Based Solutions are actions that work with and enhance natural habitats and systems to help address societal challenges.

By Building with Nature where possible, resilient and adaptive nature based solutions can be achieved. These solutions do not only address the main function for which they are designed but have side benefits, such as increased bio-diversity, carbon capture and storage and recreational and health functions.

Building with Nature and Nature Based Solutions are not yet seen as proven concepts. Adaelta will contribute to mainstreaming these concepts through:

  • Organizing, managing and carrying out international innovation projects and programmes;
  • Working in sustainable adaptation projects or programmes as network managers, project managers and/or consultants;
  • Connecting and informing stakeholders through the organization of productive networks and events, knowledge sharing and seminars and workshops.